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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Allergies and a War of Wills

Seems to me there are a boatload more allergies these days than there used to be. I about live on benadryl. It can be discouraging. Just got a fancy soap (part of Operation Greg, natch) and upon opening began sneezing. This was the scent I wore throughout the late 80s. I have a cologne of it on order. Hope it's just the soap does it.

And, the Beest is allergic to the cat litter. Over the past week I noticed she's been decidedly scratching and chewing at herself. So I combed her thoroughly, took off about a pound of fur and she seemed okayfor a day or so. However, I changed the litter again yesterday and she went at it furiously, scratching a bald spot on one ear.

The vet, when I called, asked right off if I'd used Tidy Cat, as lots of cats are allergic to it. Bingo. Unfortunately this all transpired after Gal Friday had left so getting new litter will have to wait a couple of days. The vet said give her half a benadryl. Erring on the side of caution I crushed up about a quarter in a mortar and pestle and mixed it into her wet food. She stuck her face right in and chowed a mouthful. And stopped. And made a face and stuck her tongue out.

Minutes later she was sprawled on the leaf of my desk, purring up a storm and the sweetest cat you ever saw. I had to watch and make sure she didn't fall off. She was adorable.

A couple hours later, however, she was back to chewing. Today she is wickedly stubborn. As I mixed her a fresh dish this morning she sat right there waiting. I put it down and she sniffs and walks away. She will not eat her food. I took up her dry food so that's what she has. This is now a battle of wills. I have that guilt of having to do the best thing for her whether she likes it or not. Getting even a bit of a pill down her throat would be a two-person operation. I still don't have gauntlets. Perhaps someone coming by today will risk their life and limbs to help out. Until then, I'm giving her the hairy eyeball and repeating, "Eat your food." And she's chewing and throwing me filthy looks. This is war.


Anonymous said...

Aw..poor Beest..and the sneezing from the soap...well....could be the beginning of a fragrance intolerance. If that is the case, join the club.

Austan said...

So far it's only this soap. I had some Poison on the other day, no problem. But I love Lauren and I really hope it's only the combo in the soap that gets me. Poop.