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Friday, May 20, 2011

Dangerous Old Women

Very good news. My SIL has miraculously recovered and is gonna be all right. That's one on the mend.

My friend Brian gave me an old wooden teacher's desk for my birthday. It's huge and heavy, has all the old features of many drawers and pull-out shelves. He thought I should have a real desk to write The Book, so he and my long-ago boss Jeff showed up here bringing this and taking away the old tiny one. I love this desk. It's the most perfect desk I could ever have. This stays with me til death us do part. I've named her Clarissa.

Today is my friend Lise's birthday. We're having a teatime get-together here, our group of "11ers", and I'm sure she's gonna like what surprises I have for her.

Just heard that Chelsy made it to Tanzania and is full of joy! Yay!

It's foggy and rainy this morning, crows cawing and squirrels scampering. Tanagers have eaten most of the dandelions gone to seed in the front yard. It's so vividly green it almost hurts your eyes...the cherry blossoms are dropping, apple blossoms too. Summer is a-comin' in, sing ta-loo, ta-loo.

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