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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For Cryin' Out Loud

It's good to question authority; I'm all for that. But I'm getting sick of the Conspiracy Theorists. It's become a mental disorder. A mindset of automatically jumping to paranoia in the face of any news. Weird thing is, it now encompasses all facets of the political spectrum, from the extreme right to the extreme left.

As soon as the news of OBL's killing was out, the paranoia started. Come now, in this age of video manipulation, does anyone think a film of his burial or the shootout will satisfy the obsessed? Conspiracy beliefs are a self-fulfilling spiral of unreasoned half-thoughts. There will always be a "But" to any evidence presented; that's the essence of the obsession.

So fine, release the films. But don't expect the CTs to shut up. Whatever you do, they'll search for whatever they think proves their point, like a bad lawyer or a paranoid schizophrenic, logic and fact be damned.

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