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Thursday, May 19, 2011

If It Keeps on Rainin'...

When the hell was the last day it wasn't raining? I can't remember.

It's also figuratively raining on people I care about. And though the fault lies directly on their own shoulders for the messes they're in, everyone in their lives is getting figuratively soaked, too. Including me.

How much should/can one stand before doing the Wrong Thing, like losing all patience and telling said rainmakers what assholes they're being? And is that really wrong? It seems like since the disease paradigm came along, we're supposed to be supportive and understanding 24/7, and deal with insanity as if said rainmakers can't help it. What a load. Only in extreme cases. Personally I think most rainmakers make the choice to be irresponsible thinking they'll always have a soft place to land, and they usually do. Even if that's on other people, which it usually is. How incredibly selfish.

Maybe being responsible for your actions has to be drummed into people like the ABCs. Maybe the nuns really were right and self-centeredness leads to insanity. The fallout certainly makes the lives of everyone else around a lot worse, so how much do the rainmakers care about anybody else? Are they just incapable of feeling anything for other people? Is that the root of it all? Endless capacity for self-pity?

Ach, this rain.

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