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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stop the Press-es

This morning I decided to do a few things before going online. I had a really good sleep, fun dreams and woke up in a great headset. So I put on an ELP vid that Jim sent me for my birthday (I love how he digs up these rare live performances) and went about unpacking more books. All good. Very good, as a matter of fact. Slow stretches ease the body into functioning and if you can do that while accomplishing something so much the better.

After the vid was done I thought, "Oh, put on the radio and see what's up with the world." Bad plan. Around here, in the early morning, we get the Bill Press Show. He's a lefty, but he's an hysterical lefty. Sort of a lefty Limpbag. And he was belicosely whinging and ranting about Faux News and some idiot named Napolitano and how awful they are. Really? Faux News is all BS and hype? Some righty-tighty is calling Obama the AntiChrist? I thought Dubya was?! Well, goddamn, stop the presses! This is news! No, it's not. It's the same crap that the asses on the dimly lit other side of the street do, and it just publicizes their crazy fearmongering.

Whose bright idea was it to create a lefty Limpbag show? Well, fire them. What we don't need is to answer insanity with insanity. Jesus Christ where have all the journalists gone? Why do we only get raving hysterical pundits now? Will someone please un-commercialize broadcast news?

And that's how you ruin a perfectly good morning.

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