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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Randiness in the Older Woman

It's not as though older women are thought of as still sexy, as men have been. Some of that's changed; men in the public eye are often criticized now for "letting themselves go"; it wasn't always so. But women have been traditionally given a shelf life at which point they no longer exist, even if they still breathe another 35 years. Look at Hollywood.

Yes, change has happened. Now, older women are labeled "Cougars" if they go for young men. The only terms I recall being used on men who ran with young women were bemused expressions, like "Sugar Daddy" or the sly "Cradlerobber." Old men are admired for snagging younger women; it's the atta-boy syndrome. There is no atta-girl syndrome. It's still viewed as seedy.

Face it, the Helen Mirrens among us are few. She looks better at her age than I have since hitting 41. Well, few age well. I recently looked up online some of the boys I used to know and they're no better looking for the years. Every time I see Robert Redford these days I get depressed.

But I gotta admit, a fine looking young man still turns my head and makes me look in the mirror to check I'm not a mess. I may be over the hill, but I ain't under the dirt. There's been summer weather this week; young men are outside doing manual labor. There are perks in life. And spring is definitely in the air...


Rory Grant said...

:) I read the last paragraph again and again lol - it really read like a wild animal waking from hibernation and I don't mean that in any way, shape or form as a derogatory expression. The vitality, the spark was there in your words - it shone through. Good writing!

Austan said...

Well here's some real perversity- Blogger lets me comment when it's bounced me off! But only on my own blog?! Go figure!

Thanks for enjoying... I am a bit of a wild animal. ;)