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Friday, May 13, 2011

Well, That was Weird

Something happened with Blogger and it was down for a day. Looks like they've fixed it cuz here we are. It was strange but it's over, thankfully.

The neighbor war escalates. I finally said something to the manager. For the last 2 evenings when I've been trying to get to sleep at 6-7 to get up at 1-2 a.m. to work in peace, the blabbermouth has taken to sitting on her back stoop and holding forth, which means I can't get away from it even in my own bed. Since I was in for a penny anyway, I mentioned all the Xianity around here being offensive. Our manager is a reasonable and fair person. I leave it to her to deal with it. But I'm sure the blabber is going to be a big bitch- I heard her yakking at the manager over the headphones when she went to ask her to keep it down. It takes a big mouth to overpower Robert Plant at 50% volume in headphones. She was highly offended that I didn't appreciate her cross in the hallway. Whoever gave out the grandiose entitlement rights? I must've been standing behind the door when they were handed out.

I'm also way behind in things, and probably won't be blogging much this weekend. Feel free to read back blogs, they're all listed on the right.

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