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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Error Code bX-x81odo

Well, I still can't comment anywhere, and it seems I'm not alone. Blogger Help has quite a few complaints listed around this. Today when I tried to log in it just bounced and a comment suggested deleting your cookies. So I did. After that I could log in but it still bounces me out when I change pages.

I'm hoping Blogger gets this fixed soon. Or even responds to all the complaints.


Geo. said...

I'm not getting error codes but the icons of those kind enough to follow my blogs have disappeared today. Definitely moogie-doings afoot!

Geo. said...

Follower icons reappeared by themselves this morning! We can rule out rapture. Hope your site's glitches likewise resolve.

Austan said...

Well, a half-miracle has happened and here I am commenting on this blog but still can't comment on anyone else's. Moogie-doings indeed!