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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why I Take Diphenhydramine

The old building I used to live in gave me severe allergic reactions. Mold and dust were big problems. So I started taking diphenhydramine (an antihistamine) and I felt better for it. It doesn't make me sleepy or edgy, just a little dried out. Back when I depended on opiates, I would sometimes run out a day or two ahead of refill day or couldn't get my prescription done on time. Just as an experiment on myself I tried taking a higher dose of diphen along with naproxen sodium, and my joints felt better. In the post-opiate life, I depend on both to give me relief and they do. But this isn't a recognized pain therapy. However, I just came across this:

Though my arthritis and arthrosis are inflammatory, not rheumatic, it works for me. Again, what I found by accident has helped when standard western med treatments failed. I do hope they continue studying the arthritis-histamine link and work toward a useful treatment protocol.

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