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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Here we are at the unofficial start of Summer. Springs seem shorter lately. If judged by weather, I'd say it's been July for the past two weeks. Too suddenly warm, too humid, too languid for May. It's not normal for temps to be in the 80s in May in New England. I remember camping in the Berkshires on Memorial Day weekend and waking up to snow. That was 1994- christ! 17 years ago?!- and here we are with a forecasted high of 88'F today. It's just wrong.

Our town does Memorial Day. The Legion and VFW drive around to the cemeteries and various memorial sites giving homage to the vets and all those killed in battle. There's a gathering on the town commons at the War Memorial. I used to always go; it's a lovely tribute. I just wish it wasn't necessary.

In other matters, the Blogger fuck ups continue. Still can't comment anywhere, though so far I haven't lost Blogs I Follow or Followers myself, others have. Blogger peep may be on vacation and that's why it's gone on so long... who knows. There's been no update on the Help page in a week.

And the good news is very good. My SIL has made a full and miraculous recovery after a really scary episode of Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome. Friends are bouncing back, however slowly, from all sorts of crappy situations. This place is settling in, also slowly. The projected three-month hiatus to finish the book will have to be pushed back. I've got other things going on that need to be done before I can step back and focus on it. With the amount of material I keep generating I don't think it'll take two months to finish it off. But I want the completed first draft (everything is in stages of development) done so a trusted editor can read it this fall. I keep getting myself involved in things, and need to stop doing that. The only thing I intend to stay with is the Heat Fund... well, and the universal healthcare campaign, and a few incidental events for charities. I need to manage my time better. I'm working on it. It's all good.

The Congo Church bells just rang ten, and I'm still sitting here. Gotta go.

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