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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Blame "Country Music"

Since there's no rest to be had because they've chosen today to sledgehammer outside my bedroom window, I'm back to bitch. There's no better time to bitch than when you're sick. You really don't care and you're already pissed off in general. You can't concentrate and everything elicits a "Goddammit!" Perfect moment to pick a subject and go at it.

My family would play some country music when I was a kid, but those were the days of Hank Williams, not friggin Billy Ray Cyrus. What these Stetson-wearing southern-accented mulletheads produce is not country music, it's shit. It's today's inane pop crap, written more to be background sound for a redneck truck tv ad than to say anything heartfelt or god forbid, intelligent. As long as it's stompable, goes boing-boing regularly with a stop in it and rhymes, it passes.

It's no wonder the literacy level and intelligence quotient of this nation has plummeted. If Cole Porter came along today he'd be called "elitist" and "so gay" and never be heard. Unless you're a Waldemort shopper who "loves your country" and "the American Way" you're a despicable snob. How the fuck did thinking become shameful? How the fuck did being somewhat educated become contemptuous? A younger person (20-something) actually said to me, "I don't know why people read books. What's the use of knowing so much?" AAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH! If that's what home schooling does, it should be outlawed.

So yes, I blame "country music" and the entire nose-picking, beer-swilling, ignorance-loving culture that's grown around it for the ills of today's society.


Allyson said...

i love you

Austan said...

i love you too. it's a shame you know this too well.

Geo. said...

With construction going on across our road I empathize with your take on jackhammers. Fortunately, like most retired gardeners, my hearing's shot. I nod and smile a lot so people think I'm just getting more agreeable. Until you reach this happy plateau I recommend the sound-dampening sort of headset I used operating machines. They make them light and comfortable now. And get well soon!

The Writer said...

"As long as it's stompable, goes boing-boing regularly with a stop in it and rhymes, it passes."
Bwah hahahaha. Too true, ol' pal o' mine!