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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kochs Buy US Government

Here's something to give you indigestion. The Koch brothers are a set of amoral moneylovers who are spending bajillions of their tax-dodged money to strip all social programs from the nation's struggling people. They are behind the Teabaggers and many congresspeople, seeking to legislate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps et al into oblivion.

There's a short film here
featuring regular Americans who've done what they were supposed to- worked, saved, invested, all the things the neocons espoused- only to find their investments tank and end up as marginalized scrimpers in retirement. Of course, the Kochs won't talk to anyone. They're too busy scheming.

Just when I thought that bin Laden's death left me nobody living to hate so much. I'm gonna go make some bicarbonate.


Geo. said...

Only thing TP'ers have solidly demonstrated is that people are easily enrabbled, sometimes even against their own best interest. This will eventually backfire on the Kochs. Humanists and Unionists will start at square one and restore government by discussion. Done it before.

Austan said...

From your keyboard to reality. I truly hope so.