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Friday, May 20, 2011

Unintended Consequences: the Honeybee Effect

Consequences aren't always bad. Sometimes something you did once a long time ago brings a really lovely consequence down the road. People remember, and sometimes I think the Powers That Be do too, when you do something good.

Then there are unintended results. Like when I kicked the opiates because I was outraged at the way getting pain meds was becoming criminal treatment. It was a protest. Now on the ex-addict side, I'm so happy to my ass that they're gone and I see what Hell they'd made of my life, body and brain. Not what I'd set out doing; much better consequence than planned.

It's kind of a Butterfly Effect thingy but I call it a Honeybee Effect. They're out gathering food but they're pollinating things in the process. And bonus points- they're making honey, which we love. From which comes mead, which I reeeeally love.

The thing that makes humans confused and pissy is that you never know what will come from anything you do. Sometimes you do good and get a broken heart. Sometimes you do bad and get rewarded. Life isn't fair. It shouldn't be. It makes us better people to have to fight for fairness. Besides when things turn out fairly, you can really enjoy it. If that was a given there'd be a lot less celebrating in the world. And I'm all for celebrating.

So I do good when I can and try not to do too much bad. Good comes back way more often as good in kind. Just doing it is the first rush of good you get back. And that's one dependable consequence.

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