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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Left's Struggles

It just doesn't make sense to me that the poor and working people will support the rich. But they do. Part of that comes from the easy access of the neocon soundbites and part of it comes from the "American Dream" that some people still believe exists.

The Left encourages thought and education. This is bad on 2 fronts; thinking and commiting to learning is not popular among a portion of the public. Give them a "gotcha line" that makes little sense and they're happy. And the Lefty world suffers from the very thing that makes it good- a lot of thought and education fosters many different viewpoints. As Jim Hightower says, getting the Left to agree is like "herding frogs into a wheelbarrow."

Let us not forget that much of the current generations were raised on Greed as a creed. And bad education policies. And not much upward mobility, but just enough Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Dallas, Dynasty, etc. to create a hero worship of wealth. Not to mention the chronic touting of living on credit, where people gave up living within their means to wear someone else's name on their chest or ass or sleeve. We're still not over that. Label culture sucks. (I still imagine asking my parents for hundred-dollar sneakers and their hysterical laughter as a response.)

But reality will sink in, and I have faith that people will catch a clue and the pendulum will swing back to compassion and equal rights. I have to have that faith. The alternative is Hell on earth.

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