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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And We're Back

Rupie, sans creamed up suit jacket, and James are taking questions from the last MP asking them. They continue to ply sideways denials of knowing anything. And these questions are more fitting from a People magazine interviewer than an MP investigating transgressions in the press. Shameful.

So Rupie says it's everybody else's fault and he's the best guy to straighten the mess out.

Wehehehell, Ms. Mensch starts showing claws... she's posing the admissions of Murdoch employees using phone-hacking (such as Piers Morgan has written in his book)... and curiously, the transmission loops and repeats itself. And James answers for his father, with much Ralph Cramdenlike "homina homina homina"-ing all over again.

Next up, after much blahblah about the piethrower: Rebekkah of Scummybrook Farm.

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