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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Classic Manipulation Tactics

Deny, diminish, deflect, distract... as the Murdochs, pere et fils, take the center stage some of the best evasion and manipulation moves are on. James does a great verbal tap dance around everything. Rupie slaps the table with every verb he utters. Neither of them want to speak off-script. Rupie repeatedly makes as if to not hear, defers questions to his son, says he didn't know or can't remember. He takes pauses to consider his responses. For all his wanting to seem pitiful, as soon as an MP brings up "endemic" "criminality" he rises to the occasion. And he fully engages once he realizes the MPs aren't cutting him slack. Slapping the table, he goes forth in justification.

The game is on.

Made me blow pretzels on my keyboard- Murdoch blames his "competitors" for "this hysteria"! Wow! What a psychopath!

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