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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More of the Great Nothing

Well, Rebekkah is polishing her halo very nicely but not being very forthcoming to direct questions. She seems to have been schooled by the same folks that instructed the Murdochs... a lot of saying nothing, a lot of denying any knowledge of anything, a lot of saying it's other people's faults, without saying whose.

And her personal bid for sainthood goes on, saying that everything she did was for the children. What a gal. She's a victim, you know.

This is making me sick. I can't. Here. Watch the martyrdom live:

One thing that's been bugging me- WTF is in that fancy bottle that Satan's minions keep drinking from? Virgins' tears? They can't drink city water like the rest of us?

If you're catching up later, here's the Guardian's coverage:

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