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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just One Day Out of Life

Today, just today, when I'm not doing things that have to be done (one meeting down, one to go) I'm flaking out. No news, no important thoughts, not a serious thing will happen. I need that every now and then.

It's not hot right now, and doesn't seem humid to my bare feet on the tile floors, but it's quite painy, which is always a good time to say, "Screw it!" and do nothing but enjoy. I'm grateful I have time these days. If pain and immobility is the price, oh well. That's life.

Delores over at The Feathered Nest posted a bit about Stevie Nicks

that started me off this morning. Stevie's 63 (how the hell'd that happen?) and still has That Voice. Still looks great, too. Anyway, that launched me off into YT land and the oh-so many Fleetwood Mac songs that take me back, which are perfect for a summer day. Thanks for the kickstart, Delores!

It's important to recharge the batteries. For me, music is the juice. I have phone calls to return and emails too, and I'll get to them. But for now it's a beautiful day. If I close my eyes and visualize sitting in a field in tall grass, I'm 21 again. It's that young Austan (who wasn't even an Austan then) that recharges me.

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Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Music is my savior. It is where I go to in good times and bad.

Stevie Nicks is terrific and her voice is still great. Good inspriation for the day.