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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Tragedy in Norway

I've put off saying anything about the horrendous acts of one maniac in Norway. There is nothing to say that hasn't been said. 92 people are confirmed dead, dozens of them just kids beginning their lives.

My first thought was of a friend who works in the building bombed in Oslo. He's all right, he'd already left for his weekend when it happened. Reports confirm that seven people were killed in the blast.

So far, eighty-five people are known dead in the massacre on the island of Utoya.

My thoughts are with the Norwegians today. I send love.


Rory Grant said...

And the love you send is what will one day defeat all manner of evils Laura. For it is only when we truly love one another that enmity and discord disappears. If it weren't for the belief that one day we really will manage to do it - then nothing justifies the time we spend on this little globe.


Austan said...

Truer words never spoken, Rory. It's all that will save us, and all that matters.