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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Former NoW Reporters Speak

And what they have to say is pretty disgusting, about how they were treated and expectations of behavior. Misogyny ruled, using adjectives for women that are more appropriate to a 1950s Playboy than a 21st century newspaper. One guy changed his name to Harry Potter and was expected to wear the costume, even on September 11th:


Geo. said...

It's unfortunate 200 people lost their jobs with NoW's closure. The integrity-compromises they endured while employed is even more unfortunate. We've all occasionally worked for people who suck the air out of a room but what these folks endured is positively surreal.

CarrieBoo said...

I'm glad to see more and more people stepping up to reveal the truth of it. My granddad used to get the Sun... mortifying when he read out the "hobbies" of the Sunshine girls, sat in his chair. They weren't that much older than me at the time. But Yorkshire folk, decent folk though they be, don't tend to think too deeply about things. That was over twenty years ago. I can't tell you how validating this is for me to hear these people speak out. And dressing up to catch people out. Why am I surprised.

Austan said...

It's always the shlepping workers who take the brunt of these Capitalist pigs' actions. Look at Enron.

But yes, it's a great thing that the truth is coming out. Much of us have been trained to not think, CarrieBoo. It makes life easier, but not better.