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Friday, July 22, 2011

Boehner, You Bastard

I can't even believe the insane Republican defense of the rich. It's so in your face obvious that these jerkoffs are the puppets of the corporations and the rich elite scumbags who finance their quests for power that nobody can ignore this anymore. This kind of scumbaggery from the Repos is nothing new, but at least they used to pretend to be paying attention to the other 99% of us. Now it's as if the only thing that matters is that 1% of moneybags they call Bossman.

Boehner, you're a piece of filth. You're a stooge for your owners. That's fine as long as you don't make anyone else suffer for your poor judgment and lack of ethics. But you are. You're causing stress and worry for the people who least deserve it. I hope the day your God sees you he kicks you in the teeth and shits in your mouth, you inhuman waste of flesh. And I hope that day isn't far away.


Lisa said...

I couldn't have said it better. He and the Repubs will get their rewards. Of that, I have no doubt. Now- rest of the country... WAKE THE FRAK UP!!!!!

Austan said...

:D I'm so proud of my family.

Rory Grant said...

Laura - For years and years I have calmed myself towards the right; because from the centre of the political spectrum to slightly right of centre, I have always believed there is a justifiable political philosophy, an ideology traceable back to Edmund Burke which deserves respect and a thoughtful response - even though it is not my own leaning. Today I harbour nothing but contempt for those who find themselves anywhere to the right of centre - I really do. What I believe they have done masterfully for centuries now is presented this 'justifiable and gentle' ideology as cover for the naked greed which underpins it (but which had to be obscured lest we saw through it). However its bastard children are not as content to hide their lights beneath a bushel as their forefathers - they are so impatient, so impertinent, so greedy, so self centred that their greed is now displayed openly as though there's 'nothing wrong' with that.

I feel the time has arrived when I must rise from my slumber and get myself into trouble all over again. I really thought it was a baton I had passed on to my own kids - but today's world needs all hands on deck. I never thought I'd view the right as an illness - it is though - it's a cancer which not only kills people, but claims the planet too.


Austan said...

Rory, It is all hands on deck time. Somehow we'd gotten to the point where few were even calling them out on what they've been doing. That's over. Once more into the fray, my friend.