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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ya Learn Something New Every Day

Satire about the government is banned in many places. You kinda expect it in the Arabic states and other hamfisted governments. But what the hell with the UK Parliament being held above derision?

Of course in these Youtubian times and with all the other choices on the intertubes it's easily gotten around, I think...I hope. But still, it's strange to me. Even in our Puritanical country, the doings in Congress are up for anyone's poking. There's a lot to be said for Freedom of the Press. Don't take it for granted.

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CarrieBoo said...

I am shocked! Actually, I was already shocked when Liberal and the Cons joined forces. Not that Liberal actually get any say, from what I can tell. Interesting this happens now Conservative is in. *rubbing chin*