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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh Happy Day

As I end a productive middle of the night writing session, I go to bed smiling. Why? Because Murdoch and his scumbaggery are finally coming to light. And he's gonna take it where it hurts- his wallet.

You see, Murdoch's tabloids have gone too far. It was one thing to hack the phones of famous people, but hacking the phone of a murdered girl and deleting her messages so they could hear more, made people think the girl was alive. That's enough to bring this horrific business practice to worldwide attention.

And Ford Motors has pulled their advertising from News of the World, the yellowest of yellow journalism, and Murdoch's News International Group. Of course, Murdoch also owns Fox, the most truth-challenged of networks.

Read and gain:

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Rory Grant said...


"Oh Happy days" indeed