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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baiting For The Sun

The shaving-cream-pie-in-the-face was a glorious moment in the court jester tradition today, but it doesn't even touch the stupendous shenanigan of yesterday.

You see, there's a renegade group calling themselves Lulz Security, or LulzSec for short. They are a collective of hackers. And while some of their stunts haven't been very funny, this one was. Because they got into The Sun's site and redirected traffic to a page that reported that Rupert Murdoch had been found dead (following Sean Hoare's death, I take a deep, terrible satisfaction in this).

Not only had they hacked the tabloid's website, they claimed to be holding The Sun's emails, but said they would release the emails today. They tweeted what they claimed was Rebekkah Brooks' email addy to the world and said they had her password. Twitter was abuzz with excitement over this stunt. "This is only the beginning. Fuck you Murdoch. You are next," LulzSec said.

Despite the jungle-like summer, the regular pain and a really annoying toothache, it was a great day. Humble? You ain't seen nothing yet, Rupie.

Here's a little celebratory song:

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