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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shufflin Triplets, Batman!

Oh, do I suck!!! I'll cut myself some slack in that this little tiny set truuuuuuuuuly sucks, but it's been what, more than 20 years since I last drummed and OH DO I SUUUUUHHUUUCK!! I can pull off "Angie" or any standard 4/4, but I am so in the weeds otherwise. This is gonna take a long while to get back. And if it comes down to buying a closer-to- decent kit or an air condish, guess who's gonna be sweating all summer?

This teeny tabletop thingy ain't gonna last. There's no bass, so my foot and I are getting very frustrated very quickly. And the damn thing doesn't have but one spot on each head, with no variation at all. It comes with a bajillion settings but most of them are the exact same set-up sound when you play. I can see that already I've put dents in the heads. I'll have this thing beaten to electronic purgatory in no time. Part of the joy in drumming is physical, and this dinkmachine is damn restrictive. Yes, I'll work on getting patterns back, and honing timing again, but first chance I have- bye bye.

Oh my god I miss my Ludwigs!!!


CarrieBoo said...

So it's not like riding a bike, eh. Except for the rhythm part which you either seem to have or not ??? I had a boyfriend with a drum set who taught me some basics, about 20-years ago, strangely enough. I learned some fun stuff but keeping the beat "right" consistently is really hard! I just had to fantasize about being in a punk band instead. I can see why you'd want a proper set. *drool*

sdt said...

Let the drums roll out
Strike up the band!

Your next door neighbor is gonna love it. And I'm sure that you're gonna haveta practise for that Ultimate Inna Godda daVida, baby.

Austan said...

CarrieBoo, it's all practice. Of course I guess if you have no sense of rhythm at all it's way harder, but it really is all practice. If you want to drum, drum. Besides, it's a good stress reducer. ;)

Stevil, I think I may have to get a shrink with a note that says I must drum or go insane to get real drums in here. And hey, she claims she's deaf, and got a doc's note saying so, so how much can she hear? hehe...

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Keep practicing. Hope you don't have any close neighbors.

CarrieBoo said...

You know, one of these days I just might, Austan.