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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Riiiight....I BeLIEve You

Sean Hoare's death is not suspicious, say the police. The police - who've been taking graft, who've helped the bad guys in the phone-hacking scandal, that Sean Hoare whistleblew on just last Tuesday- say there was no third party involved in his death. And that maybe it was suicide, though there was no suicide note and people he dined with last week said he was, "ailing but defiant and funny. And no regrets. All-courage." Sounds so suicidal, doesn't it?

Oh wait, he was in failing health, though nobody who knew him has said what deadly disease he had, nor was any sickness mentioned until he was found dead. He had a drinking and drug problem. Who of my generation didn't? I knew only one- the unfortunate ugly virgin with an over-protective mother.

There are many undetectable ways to kill someone nowadays. And many ways to make it look like a suicide, or even natural causes. But nobody would do that. And I am Marie of Romania.


Rory Grant said...

One need only Google 'Dr David Kelly' to discover how utterly brilliant the British Establishment is at presenting suicide as the cause of death where whistleblowers are concerned.

Oh by the way Laura - dunno if you got the news over there - but the ex Metropolitan Police Chief is facing arrest if he refuses to appear before a French Judge - The Judge would like to know why he concealed the fact that Princess Di had left a note saying she expected to be assassinated in a 'vehicle accident' in the near future.

Strange times indeed.


Austan said...

Holy shit- I hadn't heard about that. And now I have to go put on The Doors.