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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why So Soft?

The initial direct questioning has dissolved into some namby-pambyness and if the MPs don't hitch up their pants and start badgering, they're gonna let the Murderdochs skip happily away.

James often steps in for his daddy; daddy in turn says to ask his son. They should've questioned them separately. Why are they being questioned together anyway? They're both of legal age, and supposedly of sound mind, though that's highly questionable itself.

Now they're being asked about Brooks. And how much people have been paid off. And the Murdochs sidestep it all.

The single thing of note in all this is the psychopathic styles of two generations. While Rupie is emphatic and unyielding, James runs his mouth into nonsensical mad hattery. There was little else revealed in the last 2 hours.

Why the kid gloves? These people are professional politicians; I could have grilled them better.

Some scuffle happened and everything's been halted for ten minutes. It looked to me like someone headed for Rupie and people jumped up to stop it.

Wow! Some guy yelled, "Greedy!" and tried to pie ol' Rupie! God I love humanity some days!

Could be the end of today's proceedings.

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