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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Re-enters the Love of My Life

Over and above all the relationships, the tsuris, even the writing, has been one enduring love. Drumming. I've lost so many drums over the years, through stupid people borrowing them, or lending them, and finally selling the decent Ludwigs I had... Today a new-fangled electronic little tabletop drum kit arrived. It sucks, but it's a start. And I'm crap. I have so far to go to even regain what I had.

But christ. It's like magick. I just spent an hour trying to keep up with Bonham on "Stairway" and though I suck, I'm so damn happy I could friggin cry.

Find your loves and never, ever, let them go.


Rory Grant said...

You and my neighbour would get along well. He's just woken me up with his kit which he keeps on his patio :) It's actually been entertaining listening to him - when they first arrived three months ago he was crap - couldn't hold a rhythm - now, just 3 months later he's banging away like a pro. You'll get it back - I know you will :)

Austan said...

Thanks Rory. Ya know, I'm not as fast in my 50s as I was in my 20s. Big surprise! But if I just keep going, it'll come back. Thank gods for headphones. Nobody else has to hear how lousy I am right now. :D