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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Piers Morgan's a Murdoch employee; Of Course He Lies

Reading Fry on Twitter again. I should just marry the man if that were not entirely impossible. And he links to:

Fry's comment: "Well well well big surprise. Not." I've heard these kinds of comments about Piers Morgan from many people I kinda admire. They know things. Like when Randi Rhodes said John Edwards is not who anyone thinks he is. If you pay attention, you catch things. Like anyone remember John Kerry saying he'd never seen such evil people when talking about his opponent, W.? Truth does out, if you're listening.

And here's a truth. People usually don't get successful without selling out in some way these days. Especially in politics and among anyone like a Murdoch. You cannot be honest and happily work for people like that. If you are honest and work for someone like that you'll
A) become an alcoholic immediately
B) turn into a piece of filth yourself
C) find yourself on the street, or worse

If you choose option B, you will eventually progress through A and C as well. Because you know it's wrong and you made the choice to participate. If for no other reason, no humanitarianism, no better world philosophy, you should never step into a position with unscrupled people, that's the reason. No, no a part of you won't die; a part of you will fester and eat at any happiness you'd have and live to remind you that you did what you did. No matter how you justify it, that part of you knows better, and will hate you for it.

So we shouldn't be surprised when someone who's worked successfully for years with and under a Murdoch is proved a liar. Our openmindedness has wiped away common sense and left a void in thinking. They've used our good qualities to take advantage. Terrible lying bastards are running things and we're getting screwed and a bunch of folks are falling for the lies. Really, big surprise? Not if you're paying attention.


Rory Grant said...

You touched on something which I really believe to be important and fundamental - The 'heart' of those who lean to the left is naturally inclined toward compromise and peace. As a consequence the Right have compromised the left all the way to the middle ground. It needs someone on the left to now snarl and bitch slap some Republicans.

It's just my opinion even though I'm not sure what 'Bitch slapping' is - it sounds good and I think I'd like everyone in the Tea Party to undergo it - if that's ok with them.


Austan said...

Rory- LMAO @ "If that's ok with them." They are using all the left's good attributes against us. We need to figure out how to use their attributes against them. It's food for thought, much more thought than I'm capable of this morning.