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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Houston, We Have a Transmission Problem

Until sometime before 5 p.m. EDSFT tomorrow I won't be able to blog. This is because the modem I've leased from Comcast is in its death throes and they are coming to replace it. A modem's life is about 2 years; this is 4 years old under my ownership. For the past week it's been throwing me off line and today it was shutting me down every 2 hours. I ain't losing another post! So until then, bye-bye and buy bonds. And Rory where are you?


Pearl said...

Bye bye and buy bonds.


Why I oughta...

Don't forget to come back now!!


Austan said...


Rory Grant said...

I'm here :)

Catching up as we speak! (Write) lol