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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rupert and James In Da House!

I try to not have schadenfraude. Really, I do. I don't watch or laugh at "AFV" or when horrible accidents happen to people. But when you're a piece of filth and you get called on the carpet by the Houses of Parliament, I'm beside myself.

Next Tuesday I'm getting up super early and gonna be a media hound to hear what ol' Rupie, James and Rebekah Brooks have to say for themselves. If it weren't so damn early I'd throw a party so we could heckle and cheer from my sitting room.

And it gets better- the FBI is investigating Murdoch's minions for hacking the phones of 9/11 victims, AND for giving $1 MILLION bucks to the US Chamber of Commerce:

"News Corporation contributed $1m to the US Chamber of Commerce last summer. In October the chamber put forward a six-point programme for amending the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or FCPA, a law that punishes US-based companies for engaging in the bribery of foreign officials."- (from the Guardian UK- )

We citizens who've been awake for the past few years have been bitching about the USCoC for a long time. This is almost better than sex. I could cry. There is hope.

In my head and heart I'm doing the Snoopy dance.


CarrieBoo said...

Very interesting, Austan. I hope they see all this through, including the 9/11 calls where things do just not add up. And I hope that when they scramble to create a new company, with a new company name and all the same old "players", that they keep an eagle eye on them this time. That said, this certainly is refreshing news and I am right there heckling with you! ;)

Austan said...

CarrieBoo, if we lived closer together, it'd be great to hang out and heckle. :) All we may need to do from here on is make noise when they take one step out of line. And, of course, stay on their tails to make sure they do see it through. Let the games begin!

CarrieBoo said...

Hang out and heckle. Hahhaha! But seriously, yes!

Rory Grant said...

And Rebekka Brooks becomes the latest to be touched by the long arm of the law - she currently finds herself in custody for conspiring to hack phones and bribing Police officers. This is such a good day. :)

Austan said...

I've got a good feeling about all of this, Rory. All of Murdoch's empire is in question now. Happy days...