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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DeTox Log

I'm thinking I'll be observing a lot on here, so skip thru titles if these things bore you.

Nutritional advice: chocolate and dairy helps a lot. Ginger snaps, too. Eat like a kid. pb & j. Drink milk. Beef is good, too, for those who eat less abnormally. Don't do anything but lie around and indulge yourself with the things you love. That is how we love ourselves; we give ourselves the things that feed our heart and spirit. For me that's some bands. Chocolate. Coffee... yeah, things that remind you of why life is so damned good, which we've somehow forgotten.

So yeah, drying out can rock.

Update a couple hours later: It seems I'm PMSing at this time. Since the oxy's kicked I'll leave it. Am deciding to slap on a new fenatanyl or not, or just boil pennyroyal.
Chocolate is all gone.

2 hours later: Made a coffee-sweet undairy drink. Still scoping Zep. I'm boiling some sage to help the sinuses balance. No appetite, just sweet thirst. Fentanyl still eeping its last above my heart. Mellatonin keeping me from vibrating outta my skin. How the hell will i sleep?

2 hours later: am on ELP kick which will be followed by some research on pirates, how they cut out the middle man, how we viewed the coop union drive as a pirate venture, all or some of which may be put on here as a way to kill time and ignore withdrawal.
Oh here's ELP posted by my friend paperpichu:

1 hr later. Some sources say fentanyl takes 5 days to clear. Oh joy. Even Greg Lake can't distract me that much. Or Robert Plant!

45 minutes later. OK, left some blistering comments and bested someone on YT. Now what to do? Too sore to drum....hmmm

30 minutes later. responded to some cool emails. I have cool peep. Am hearing Stairway to Heaven for 27th time. It's still good. And am singing it all onward from, "Babay, baby, give it to me..." Have to find Immigrant's Song. Ah yes, turn the headphones up to 80.

50 minutes later. Friend has advised to stop listening to Robert Plant but I can't right now. There's something that has to be burned off. Hard to explain.

9 p.m. I'm listening to the last bars of Kashmir and will go try to read myself to sleep. Not bad for detox. I can deal.

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