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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Early to Bed

It's been a helluva day. I'm torn between rejoicing for my good fortune and still my stomach sinks over 7 peep who really aren't doing well. It's times like this when good old fashioned sacrifice magick comes to mind. Not living things sacrifice, but offering up your own good fortune as a sacrifice for those you know need that energy worse. And there are so many. Could I ever be that kind of a saint? Because that's what the mystics all did- it's classic- ever read the Eddas? Or The Bible? It's all the same stories.

But there must have been people who did that- nothing that Jungian comes from nothing. The original Odin (or whatever his real name was) hung upside down and lost an eye for wisdom. Or the tale of Luminous Brow. There's one.

I'll never understand sacrifice as a tool. The universe is endless and without bounds we can comprehend. Why does humankind insist on placing boundaries everywhere, and value in perceived rarity? We only have 5 so-so senses; we barely perceive the world as it is, and is prolly why we're "the thinking animals" as they claim. We have to think because our senses suck. Ever go to a zoo and stick your head in a virtual fox's head? Better than acid. Incredible experience but there's no time to think. You're in full stim all the time.

Anyway I've gone rambing. I'm tired. These are amazing times to live thru, if we all live thru it.

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