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Friday, February 18, 2011

Waiting For the Angels of Avalon

What strange and interesting times to be alive.

In stepping back from world and even local events, I'm also seeing the tremendous spirit of humanity rising. Nobody wants a bad world, and we've been watching bad things and bad people a lot, focussed on instant and internet news. And people are saying, no, we don't want a bad world. We are not bad people, and you will not get away with being a scum to my family of fellow humans anymore just because you can. We won't allow it. None of us deserve this misery and you won't get away with doing it to my neighbor anymore while you slip me a pass. I'm taking your power away. I've never believed that any good person can be happy when someone is suffering. They've tried for4 decades to kill our good consciences and it didn't work. It's time to end the reign of Sauron. We are rising in the best of humanity's ways, for justice. For us all.

It's so heartening. To see the people of Cairo in the streets made me proud to be a human again.

Of course I'm still detoxing, but this euphoria isn't just coming from me. Friends are soaring. There is something- Plutonian, Chironic, whatever you want to label it, there is something.

I'm waiting for the eastern glow.

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