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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Easier as She Blows

Things are better in general. My fingers are mostly going where I aim them, I'm not wanting to burst out of my skin anywhere, not dropping everything, contemplating food without a rolling stomach reaction...still glad I have friends because without them I would've been gone long ago.

It kinda hit me as hard news to hear I'd really endangered myself going cold turkey that way. And I had guardian angels hanging around my BFF, who was monitoring me like a hawk while not freaking me out. She was the perfect person for the job.

So far, we've all made it thru and though I'm still way away from total detox, I'm jumpstarted. I attribute it to The Immigrant Song and my Norse blood. In my family we were taught to steel our minds to it, and I guess that much stuck. On we speed with threshing oars.... :)

And yes, I wrote a thank you to all the Zeps for helping me again, all these years later.

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