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Friday, February 25, 2011

More Snow! We're So Blessed!

I can't wait to see Mud Season. Get out the hip waders!

It's not quite a whiteout now but it was earlier. 5-8 more inches. And there was no power this morning. I was lost! No coffee, no radio, no computer? Blasphemy.

My family are holding breaths, as we aren't sure if this is the end of my brother. There have been close calls with all the deaths, so many, and then they recover...until they don't. So it may be a deathwatch or not. It's never sure til the coma sets in. His wife is a sweet woman but not superfunctional. And if he does go, I don't think I can get across the mountains to his funeral. Who the fuck knows. The more I see the less I know.

And we're back to a whiteout. I hope I can forget this February some day. It's been a February among Februaries. A real Bastardy McBastard.

And I move March 26th.

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