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Monday, February 21, 2011

Eye-Opening Wake & Ache

Oh, man...I've been in a haze for a few years. As the feeling comes back and individual muscles report for duty a little more clarity runs in the mind, too. I'm just now aware of WTF has been happening and what it's all about. It's a plan for a global unified economy. We're made to lose everything Americans have had and gained- like rights and freedoms and the middle class and unions and higher education, And our fucking tee shirts if we let them do it- to bring us down to a living standard closer to developing countries. I'm not kidding and I'm not stoned. Look at it all for what it is- we are losing shit left and right. Jobs are purposely and with our government's ASSISTANCE taken to other countries. We pay to train people to be able to take our jobs in other countries. Have been for years. Fact. The War goes on, creating a huge worrisome national debt that could cause the whole nation to actually belong to another country. And we're all one step closer to The Handmaiden's Tale. You don't think the uber rich run us all? Greed is what rules the world. Sucking all the life from us for itself. Getting its way. Bullying and buying its way into telling people what to do. Ya know why most of us aren't rich? Because we won't turn into the scumbag you have to be to get rich these days in this country. I've yet to meet one person even born rich who isn't fucked up beyond all recognition. Much less those who actually devote their every waking moment to money.

I'm not talking about those who worked and had talent and luck in this life, BTW. I'm talking about those for whom the real purpose and whole business of life is making money. Lots of money. All the money. Greed. Irredeemable, amoral ... putting the antisocial into anti-Socialism, these vampires live to take. If our "breed" can be canned into limits- only a certain level of education, only a certain path of opportunities, lots of fail-safes and mazes to be lost in (like druggage)- we are become livestock. We are become a commodity. I can foresee, at some future date, an entire nation's workforce being bartered, with the workers having no say in it at all.

Jesus H Christ, it's almost like "They Live"! Except we can't excuse this behavior as coming from aliens. And maybe understand the lizards' motivation- they're lizards, that's what they do. Nope, these aren't aliens. They're people just like you or me. But something is terribly wrong with them, and it's a terrible wrongness that's all-encompassing and consumes all in its path. It lives to justify and engender its own existence. It's cannibalism at its most refined.

There's little in place to keep it in check. Indeed; as and by its existence, nothing can.

Why have the rich been so merciful thus far, you might ask? Well, they haven't been. Ever. But here and there some really decent ones popped up in the family and changed things, or The People got fed up and ran outside yelling and raising up the others. Like what some of our brothers and sisters are doing right now in Libya and Bahrain. And I'm spending a goodly amount of time praying for everyone who is rising up these days. They are the mythical heroes of our future if all goes well.

Here's a little Billy Bragg to help that:

Just want to add here- the lifting of "third world" places shouldn't necessarily mean our life work and standards have to fall. That would only happen if the plan was to take it away from us all along.

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