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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hey Guys Look! It's Snowing!

If my town doesn't all go nuts I'll be surprised. The Princess couldn't get into town Friday because of the snow, and we rescheduled for this morning, and it's snowing like the ice age cometh out there. Who knows if she'll make it into town, or if I'll even see her on this trip at this rate.

All the high drama has worn me out, as drama always does. That's something I notice- extreme physical exertion doesn't wear me like drama does. If I'm able to sleep, I'll be all good the next day. Not so with stressed-out body. Must be adrenaline stuck in the system, cuz even after sleep, muscles feel as if you've been lifting for hours and then sat still for a couple. But still, compared to recent weeks, I'm golden. I'm not involuntarily throwing coffee around or kicking my own leg out from under myself, so life is good. There were quite a few FX stories and things that didn't make it to this public blog. They will be going only in the book, after I go thru them all with a critical eye. Funny that even in my most insane state, I edited myself. The human animal is so equipped with self-preservation; at the moment near death the brain sifts quickly for a similar situation to save the life. Hence the "life flashing before your eyes" deal. I find that fascinating and incredibly reassuring. Was it Edison who believed there were a dozen little people in your brain with jobs to do?

I take back the lovely well-being. I think I have the stomach flu going around. That was the fastest trip to the bathroom I've made in ages, and I'm a bit proud to say that I was still about a foot away from the john when the projectile rose, and I aimed perfectly. If you have to puke up your guts, at least it should be neatly done. I am a Lady, after all. ;)

There are rumblings in the stomach... I'll be back later.

P.S. My FosterDaughter sent me this, the sweetest thing in the world:
Yes, I'm a proud Mama.

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