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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Things Today!

Today is Chelsy Pillsbury's 21st Birthday. Congrats on gaining your majority, you wild woman you. ;) There's a bottle of legal wine awaiting your return to your hometown. Read about her life here:

Today is the annual Homelessness Marathon on our local non-commercial radio station, streaming here:

Today's only missions are promised meatballs as payback for getting where I'm going tomorrow and washing/conditioning the hair. KISS.

Princess Wendy & I have been following the Wisconsin uprising and she sent me this fabulous song:

On Friday the Princess is coming to Bratt for the weekend, and will feast with me here and help me finish undecorating. This is a very happy thing. I'm incapable of so much at the moment.

But all in all, if a little stress and a lotta pain are all I've got to bitch about, I'm doing so well....

Totally forgot the best news- I go to view and accept the affordable housing unit I've been working for for 2 years. It's not a done deal, and there's a Herculean effort to get me there with much coordinating because handicapped transport is for medical only; so a couple of stressed civilians are working on it. 2 vehicles, wheelchair and walker in one, me in the other. This is like Special Ops. :)

And the good news just keeps coming!

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