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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Detoxlog 4

Ergonomics have become important, so am shifting things to better use. It's like I'm reliving my teens in a way; but in a better way than the original. I'm smarter now. Suddenly I'm getting creative again. The girls came over last evening, and we had a truly good time, one that we needed. L has made a center for herself in her house where she can do a lot of things in one space. Great idea, which I hope to have in my new abode. And Nancy laughed like I haven't seen her laugh in ages. It was a good decompression from the weeks that have been lately, and a decent way to salute Bride.

The flowers L brought are beautiful. Stevil brought me chocolates (a necessity right now). We ate good food and dove on the articoke dip like a pack of wolves with rice crackers at hand. K came by but it was an early winter night.

This morning I had Nancy's apple crumble for breakfast with a bit o cheddar. Very nice treat on another dark rotten endless winter morning in New England.

And so the detox goes on. This one's much better and easier than the Cymbalta detox. And simple things help.

Like Robert Plant c. 1973-75.

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