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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Will February Just End Already?

Spent about 2 hours on the phone with my SIL in Joisey. This single February has been the most personally brutal to everyone we know. She hasn't a clue of what's been going on and I don't care. I can't. So we yukked at the stupidity of life and a couple funny stories she had. It's enough that we settled that they will drive up if The Time Comes and I'll stay here on the other side of the mountains.

It's nice to get a break, but I'm still at an utter loss as to how to help my BFF. She's being tossed about so much, and I can do nothing. Yet. And another near & dear is so near the Poorhouse. It's so frustrating. I can barely keep the ground under myself.

Well, this will have to change.

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