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Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Why I Love Sunday Nights

There was always the drag of it being the night before The Week, but that never bothered me about it. Sundays were always good, and still are. Whether thru my school years when it was "do all the homework at once" night, thru my teens when Masterpiece Theatre moved in after Night Gallery and the sunday -was it NBC?-mystery series were dead; my wed years, of ironing our clothes for the week when the smell of Niagara accompanied operas and dramas; all the years I worked Sundays but would somehow always get home by 9; til this moment, when a remarkable Masterpiece Classic production called "Any Human Heart" is playing, a quiet Sunday night is my favorite point of the week.

Of course since the 70s, Sunday night has always been PBS night. As a typical American, I was always a member while I was a worker, a middle-class aspirant. But it's been several years since I gave them any money and now our esteemed rich shitheads of Capital Hill want to stop any funding to PBS at all. Bastards. I can only see it as yet more war on the poor. They want to push PBS into having to charge for their broadcasting, is how I see it. They also want everything having any common public good killed. This is a Soup Nazi Congress; They'll decide who gets to eat. Or in this case, who gets to see intelligent, educational and often controversial programming on lowest-tier television. In their esteemed rich shithead world, quality is bought by those who can afford it. The rest of us should shut up, watch Fox and go to Waldemort.

Well, to those of you in Congress who hold these views, I say Fuck You. Your time is almost up, so squeak like the vampires you are as the Sun rises on your bare teeth and you burn. We aren't having it. And there are so many more of us than there are you.

Ya know, it was only when I married in 1987 that I had to get cable at all. Until that time in the good old US, we just plugged the tv in, turned a knob or 2 and played around with rabbit ears or a big housetop antenna. All tv was free, and had lots of commercials. Then change came along and you couldn't get reception in NYC without cable. It wasn't very costly, and they threw in movie channels and a couple local access channels and other channels grew up on cable. Little by little, commercials started becoming more frequent. But the change was complete and we took it well for the most part- was there a choice? And now we all pay a huge amount of money to cable companies who offer a wide array of channels that are commercial-even infomercial- laden and design their broadcasts to the lowest common denominators of humankind. Do you think that was all an accident? No. It was greed and control. And now they want to end Public Broadcasting as we know it too. Well I say Fuck You.

Almost forgot: If you'd like to say fuck you to those vampires, in a nicer way, visit

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