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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Move: Overture

Holy shit I can't believe it's finally happening. After 2 years of forms and phone calls and letters and acceptances and denials, today I see the apartment. The whole production launches in T-3 hours. I've been up for over 2 hours and I can't seem to wake up. But I'm pretty much ready, and a few things won't be sorted until we're in the moment, and it'll all work out. I mean, we're going to look at a new apartment, not build one.

As for the pain and distress involved, it's the price we pay to get anything done, right? It's gonna be a story, I know. It always is. So when I get back I'll run through the whole thing, first impressions, neighbors, etc.

When we moved me in here I wasn't capable of much lifting and carrying but I was still working and walking to an extent. My inner control freak is gonna be going nuts as I sit there in The Chariot. And I'm going to owe so many so much.

Ok, time to get moving. It takes me 2 hours to get dressed and ready, and that's without interruption. Everything takes hours when you're physically screwed; it's something you get used to. Just make the time and don't have a fit...
and I'll be back....

Pause at 10:20 to re-collect myself. I'm having a fit of nerves here and excitement. I mean, giddy-inducig excitement. I'm outta here! I'll be able to go outside and hang again! Trees, fresh air! This is close to when Christine brought me the wheelchair; I could cry with relief. There really, really is an end to this shit in sight. And I'll write my book, and have a hundred dollars a month to spare, and can help other peep, finally. WTH did I do to deserve such an upgrade? I'm so overcome with gratitude right now that I can't be nervous anymore.

2:48 Just got settled down enough to blog. Called & gave my notice; I'll send it down in writing tomorrow. I love the new place. A rose bush climbed up thru the snow at my feet. It was meant.

5:03 A visit and 3 long phone calls later, I'm back. What a day. I feel like I've stepped into someone else's life. I don't have a garden apartment with a pantry; WTF is going on? Good shit? I'm not used to that!

We're all in a great leap forward, but like frogs, we're leaping at all different times. We'll all get there.

I can't believe what hope I have in the future.

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