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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Predictions

It's that time of year again. I've just reminded Lise to start a thread of Predictions for 2012 on iBratt, but I figure, why not right here? I've got a few...

-Scandals pile up on Republican hopefuls and Obama wins again.

-The Occupy Movement comes back to life in a slightly changed form in the Spring.

-Maggie Thatcher dies and people throw parties. And lumps of coal at her funeral cortege.

-The rich get richer with no end in sight.

-December 21st comes and goes and nothing of import happens.

So do you have some thoughts on what'll transpire in the New Year?


mybabyjohn/Delores said...

Probably a rerun of this years major disasters in different locations with increased global warming and lack of response from governments around the world. Same old same old.

Geo. said...

My predictions are mainly geo.-graphical:
For a while, China will have 2 capitals. Politically correct spelling will end and all inhabitants of Beijing will have to pack up and make the long march back to Peking.
-Congress will reconsider Gracie Allen's 1940 presidential campaign plan to settle the California-Florida border dispute.
-Seismic activity will cause all locations in Canada to move one province to the left and result in Sarah Palin ruling Russia.

klahanie said...

I predict a lot of folks will get married on February 29th. Save a fortune in anniversary gifts :)

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Yep, I think your choices look good.

I thought Maggie had already passed away.

Maybe they should get her back though, I've heard the Argies are making sounds about the Flaklands again. It was rumoured at the time that Maggie wanted to nuke Buenos Ares, but her mate in the White House said no.

Austan said...

I think you're onto something, Lawless.

Geo.- LMAO!

Gary- I always wished I'd been born on Leap Day. I wouldn't even be 14 yet!

ESB- Nope, she's still ticking. Proof that the good die young? ;)

bazza said...

I think the same old things will keep happening forever!
Rich get richer, poor get poorer etc.
My daughter was born in a leap year but on February 28th and is very disappointed that she can't be more remarkable.
But she is remarkable anyway.

Lisa said...

SSDY for the world!! Personally, I will be sent to rehab for my addiction to the Super Nintendo Jurassic Park game that I've found I can play online. Except for today, because the site is down. Oh!! And, I'm going to do more and more tattoos.