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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Make Way for The Beest

Hildie is being limoed here by Strider on Saturday. I'm really psyched. She'll probably be scoping out all the perches and nooks for her entertainment the first few days. I'm looking for spots for her stuff.

Getting an animule after all this time is almost giddy-making. So few landlords let you have a pet anymore - I had to give up my Doberman when I moved to Vermont- that I'd given up the idea. But we can have an indoor cat or small dog here and I'm pretty damn excited. The Beest is peculiar. She has the strongest Tortie personality I've ever seen in a cat. Worse than my old cats Patches or Sputzelda. She's part very snotty and part very needy. This will be fun. It's been a long time since I had a pet to spoil for Christmas.

And Strider is bringing Ems the Wonderdog and her friend Manning who I've been wanting to meet for ages. I'm making  Swedish meatball soup for lunch. Leeks, potatoes, Gilfeather turnip, nutmeg, spicy meatballs. Maybe I can find Limpa. They've offered to be put to work so I'm gonna take advantage of their talents. By Saturday night I may have all the pictures hung in the sitting room and kitchen and all the bookcases straightened out. Saving me months of agita staring at things undone.

We won't have a Christmas do, though. Half of her presents aren't even shipped yet though I placed the order a while back. So she'll get another box of stuff addressed to Strider and get strange looks. It's all part of the festivities. :) 18 shopping days til Christmas!


Anonymous said...

You must be thrilled....I am thrilled for you. Looking forward to stories about the beast.

paulg said...

stories & pictures!

Austan said...

Thanks Lawless!

Paul- pix will follow when I have a camera, but stories will be related faithfully from her arrival on!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Animules definitely have a way of turning a house into a home, and of putting a smile on your face. I'm happy for you.