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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Later As The Mirror Told its Tale

Another productive day but I'm pushing it and getting cranky. Boy do I pressure myself, and for no good reason. When you curse at condensed milk because it's pouring too slowly, it's time for a mental health check. Or a drink. Or both.

Accident that turned out good- I grabbed a bottle that I thought was vanilla (I buy things in bulk so no labels) and poured some into the Irish cream mix in the making. Not vanilla, almond! And good. Not the same, but good anyway.

It seems crazy that it's past 4 and already getting dark. Wasn't it 9 a.m. like an hour ago? I look around and see what's done that wasn't done this morning and it's good. Presents are almost all wrapped and the tree is near done (why can't I ever leave it alone?) and there's still 9 days to go. It just seems closer than it is. When we were kids nothing at all would be this close to finish so early. We wouldn't even have a tree yet!

It's gonna be an early night if I have any say.   


Anonymous said...

No early night here...we have the wee man to take to Beavers and then, I want to bake some cookies. I am in the mood for macaroons with chocolate drizzle. Try to relax, Christmas will come if you are ready or not and it will still be all right.

Austan said...

ooooo, macaroons, the nice grandma of comfort cookies. The Muffinpantses stopped by on the way to pick up their granddaughter. It's lovely to see the grands so involved these days. Have fun tonight.I know you're right, of course. It's that little elf in my head yelling, "Run!" that I have to ignore.

sdt said...

9 days?
(Panic sets in)


Okay, not really, but the scene still plays well after all these years ;)

Austan said...

Eh, what's Christmas without anxiety and feelings of inadequacy? ;)

paulg said...

I've made that exact same mistake (we also buy vanilla and almond extracts in bulk)..
but with worse results.

Austan said...

Paul- I got lucky; choclate whiskey and almond work together. What did you ruin? :)

bazza said...

Hi, I followed you here from Klahanie.
I enjoyed the the You Tube selection especially the cover of Harvest Moon - one of my favourite songs!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Austan said...

Hey Bazza! I'll head over and give it a read.