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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dear Santa

Since there are seven billion people now, I'll keep it short. I know you're a busy man.

For Christmas this year, I'd like events in 2012 instead of regular things. You're a magickal being; you can do anything. So:

A memorable and fabulous time with Strider at a Greg concert. Don't let me faint or be a babbling fool.

A visit with my brother Billy, here or in Joisey, and with no crisis involved.

A visit with the Indiana branch. I haven't seen them in too long.

A successful end to all that's happened in Hobbiton; everyone comes back who wants to and we can save this housing.

Marble Arvidsen is found. And while I'm at it, Tina and Bethany too. These families need their hells to be over.

And finally, that whatever happens, I don't lose it and will stay in the game so I can be of help instead of part of the problem.

That's a lot to ask, but I've been pretty good this year. I hope you'll grant my wishes. 
Thank you, Santa.
Merry Christmas, and my best to Mrs. Claus and the elves and reindeer, especially Donder and Blitzen.


Anonymous said...

That's quite a list. I'm sure you would be happy with even two or three things from it?
I have the same wish I've had for a long long time now....I wish I would wake up in my little bed from when I was around ten and realize it has just been a bad bad dream, but, I'll settle for a peaceful Christmas Day with no squabbling.

The Writer said...

I think that's a good list. You deserve it, and Santa will deliver.

Austan said...

Lawless- yeah, if I had my druthers, find Marble, Tina and Bethany. I can pretty much work out the rest myself.

That's such a sweet wish! I hope you get part two even if part one isn't doable for Santa. Peace is the best gift of all.

Austan said...

W- Thank you honeypie. You're a good ol' pal to have (and you gots connections). :D

CarrieBoo said...

I'll cheers to that, luv. :) (And I reckon you'd be pretty high up on Santa's nice list.)

Austan said...

Well, I can think of a little girl and her Mom who could use a lot of Santa's attention and deserve it more than I...

klahanie said...

Ah Laura,
Here's hoping that Santa comes through and your wishes do come true. Yikes, that rhymed!
And Laura, I can say, most assuredly, that you are in my top seven billion favourite folks on this planet....
In peace for a better future, for you, your friends, your nearest and dearest and indeed, for all us.

Austan said...

Yes, Gary, I lift my teacup- here's to better days for us all, all 7 billion of us. :)
With smiles and a chin rub to Penny,