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Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Beginnings

Had a really fun afternoon with Strider, Manning and Ems. They headed home a little while ago. And now the Hildebeest is mine. She's made herself at home and is under the desk with her butt on my feet right now. There's really nothing better than a furface. If I can't have Ems the Wonderdog (Strider would kill me if I ever kidnapped him), I'm glad I have Hildie. She is my cat. She picked me as much as I picked her, with Strider as the matchmaker. It's that weird animal sense Strider has. Hildie's personality is much like Sputzelda's was, my old and dear Russian Blue. All good.

But I miss Strider and Ems (and Manning, I like him) already. At least I didn't cry this time.

While here, Strider hung my paintings. The place is looking like home. Not bad for 4 weeks back in. Tomorrow I'll finish the tree and start wrapping presents, as a bunch of them came in the mail today. It's full-production Christmas now. Keep your hands and feet on the sled til we get to the bottom of the hill. It'll be a fast ride.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for both you and Hildie. Tonight you will go to sleep to the purr of a warm contented cat. How wonderful.

Austan said...

Yeah, it's pretty freakin fabulous! She's such a sweetie pie... at least to me. ;)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

And all is right in the world. Really. Just listen to her kitty purr.

Austan said...

She's a motor. Lying in the sun on a desk leaf right now, lazy flicks of her tail, back legs over the edge.