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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday

Feels like Friday to me. I've been up for an hour. Seems a good thing to hit the news when you're still in the morning fog. Things don't hit you as sharply in the head. Here then, the news.

The "god particle":

Occupiers shut down west coast ports:

Danube low, power slows:

Saudi Arabia "executes" woman for sorcery; yesterday it said she was beheaded:

Shoes fly again:

"Squid!" is an old Brooklyn insult:

Man goes nuts in Belgium, killing at least 4:

Is Buddy bi?:

Scotland moves right along toward independence referendum:

One couple's story of homelessness:


Anonymous said...

Living in the woods on medication. Yikes!!
Glad to see the caffeine buzz has worn off.

Austan said...

Yeah. Unfortunately that's the story of many of the homeless.

And I'm on my first pot. Round 2- Ding! There's a lot to do, gotta get energy somewhere!

Austan said...

And here's another reason we have people living in the woods: