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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday News, No Dondi

We need comics these days:

Here's a stunner:

Imagine there's no hunger:

But it's not really over:

Activism is an education unto itself:

Okay, we won't eat Jay-Z:

Good for the Russians!:

Is Gingrich as stupid as Palin?

I can't pick just one article so here's the whole site:

There are some nice final tributes to people who died this year:

The Reds take over Manhattan:


Anonymous said...

Ah..back to the news. The tree must be fully fluffed and formally "trimmed".

Austan said...

:D tree is fully fluffed, trimming goes on. (I keep moving things)

paulg said...

How's the 'Beest with the tree? (considering what she did to your keyboard).

Austan said...

She couldn't care less! She isn't a very playful sort. She doesn't chase things or bat things around. I throw her a toy and she looks at me like I've insulted her.